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Common Queries

What is Person-centred Counselling?

Person-Centred Counselling was developed by the American Psychologist Carl Rogers. It is based on the belief that given the right conditions, each individual has the natural ability to improve and maintain their way of life. Talking through our issues and problems allows us to break free of the hold they have on us. This allows us to move forward towards a more fulfilling way of being, enabling us to experience authentic, satisfying relationships. Along with improving our sense of self worth, we are able to build on our personal resilience and it can help us to cope better with the challenges of life.

How long does each Counselling session take and how many will I need?

Each counselling session will last 50 minutes, usually held on a weekly basis. The amount of sessions you have is down to you. This is something we can discuss, I am client led and believe only you know what's right for you. I'm willing to offer long or short term counselling, whatever works best for you. Our initial session will involve signing a working agreement which will detail confidentiality and any expectations of our work together.

What if I need to cancel my session ?

You are free to cancel your session anytime up to 48hrs prior to the session. After this time you can cancel, but I would expect full payment for the missed session due to short notice.

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

Reduced rates may be available for those on a low income, Benefits or Students.

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